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What is the NSW Council, The New South Wales Council is made up of the member clubs of the Australian Power Boat Association with their racing operations based in NSW.

It is our responsibility to ensure that the racing rules, as laid down by the National APBA are followed in NSW, and to represent NSW clubs, drivers and boat owners at National Council meetings.

Racing Rules Are laid down by the National APBA. National APBA is made up of the member state councils and the offshore council, who oversee offshore type racing.

Changes to the racing rules may be submitted to via each state council by member clubs. At the National Council meeting held in conjunction with the AGM each year, changes to the rules are considered and each member club, via their state delegate votes to accept or reject these changes.

Race Dates Are also decided at that same meeting. As far as possible a reasonable separation is kept between major meetings to allow attendance by all interested owners and drivers.

Membership Information The only members of the NSW State Council are clubs. Membership is open to clubs with an interest in power boat racing.

Membership of Boat Owner, Driver and other interested individuals is to the National APBA, although their membership is through the NSW Council.

Appeals and Disciple The Council handles appeals against decisions made on race rules and results made by Clubs. Further appeals are to the National Council. The Council also has the authority to discipline owners and drivers if warranted.

NSW Clubs

How the NSW Council is made up, Each member club of the Australian Power Boat Association in NSW appoint 2 people to sit on the council. At the AGM each year there are elections held and a President, Secretary, Vice Presidents of Inboard, Outboard, Drags and Juniors as well as other positions are held.

The Council is controlled by the member clubs, and Executive members carry out their wishes, and make recommendations to the council, although Executive members have no vote on most matters brought before the Council.

The Council also handles appeals on decisions made at power boat events by racers.

The Council is represented on the National Council by two delegates. The National Council decides rules and regulations of the sport, as well as having Vice Presidents for each racing category to represent the drivers as a group.

The Council is a Non Profit body whose sole intention is to allow power boat events to prosper in the State of NSW and Australia generally.

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